Christmas Decoration and Ornaments
Felt Pet Toys Collection
Paper Garlands and Ornaments
Lokta Carta Notebook e Accessori
5,00 USD - 5,50 USD
Min. Order: 100 parti
5,50 USD - 6,00 USD
Min. Order: 100 insiemi
5,50 USD - 6,50 USD
Min. Order: 200 parti
5,50 USD - 6,50 USD
Min. Order: 200 parti
5,50 USD - 6,00 USD
Min. Order: 200 parti
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We have more than 25 years experience in manufacturing quality handmade Lokta paper items and felt products.
We are SMETA (SEDEX) certified, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2019 certified company.
We are currently exporting in more than 20 countries Nepali Paper Products (P.) Ltd. (NPP) was established in 1991 by a group of people having more than 26 years of experience in community development through the production of Nepali Handmade Paper, paper products and felt Products. We believe that the quality of traditional handicraft goods made from handmade paper and handmade felt should be increased with the aim of developing a growing export market. Over the years, we have therefore established ourselves as the leading manufacturer and exporter of quality Nepali Handmade Paper, Products and felt items, with different awards in the areas of marketing and quality excellence, and with business operation in over many countries to date.
Nepali Paper Products Pvt. Ltd. has been certified by ISO 9001:2012, ISO:14001:2015 & Nepali Paper Products pvt. ltd is a member of U.N. Global Compact (United Nation Global Compact), SMETA/SEDEX certified . Beside this it has been awarded by excellence award by FNCCI (Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries) for Commendation for significant achievement in employee's development in Small Scale Category in 2002 and FNCCI Excellency Award in 2003 for the significant Achievement in work system and standardization in small scale category, continuously since last 3 years.
At Nepali Paper products, we prioritize the health and safety as one of the prime factors for the growth of the company. Likewise, Skill and performance development of all the staffs through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability to the business. We offer an excellent work environment that allowed them to autonomy and responsibilities to succeed at the challenges they faced, one that empowers rather than limits. We provide training to our staffs whenever possible and available.

Our vision
To be the recognized global leader in the Nepali handmade paper and felt product industry across all segments of the market, the trusted source for high quality Lokta paper, Felt and its products as important to consumers and business alike.

Our values
We are committed to our tradition, honesty and responsibility. We build relationships with our customers as well as among the business units and employees as long-term equitable partnerships based on fairness.
We are dedicated to achieve continuous improvement in our activities and products to meet and exceed the requirements and satisfaction of our valued customers by providing Nepali Paper products and handmade felt products that conform to relevant quality specification at competitive prices and meeting delivery schedules on time, every-time, with a continuous review of our quality objectives
We are concerned and committed, we listen and respond to issues that matter to our customers employees and partners, who are the center of all our activities.

Our customers
We view each of our relationship as a personal partnership based on professionalism, understanding and mutual trust. We act reliably and responsibly. We create a high degree of loyalty in customers with our competent and excellent handmade products. We work in the interests of our customers.

Our employees
We are committed to provide at least minimum salary and benefits (as stated by the government) to our employees.
We are aware that dedicated and competent employees are the key factors in our success. We encourage our employees to exercise personal responsibility and autonomy by giving them flexibility in making decisions and taking actions and by rewarding them on the basis of their performance


As a forward-looking company, we offer a flexible scheduling of work time, and an equal-opportunity development options to all the employees and always put on priority to recruit minimum income female group from the local community in its hiring policy.
We rely on a practice and principle of fair management, fair labor treatment and fair working condition.
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